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April 10, 2021

Regional sport community prays for St Vincent

MEMBERS of the sporting fraternity, both locally and regionally, sent their best wishes to St…
April 09, 2021

Sport Minister presents $450k to elite athletes

AS athletes all across the world get ready to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games…
March 27, 2021

IOC bans "accompanying guests" from Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Guests including partners of International Olympic Committee (IOC) members will not be able to attend…
March 27, 2021


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB) has today decided to grant accreditation only…
March 22, 2021

ANOC Social Media Survey reveals National Olympic Committees have 28 million followers, with more than…

National Olympic Committees (NOCs) around the world have a combined social media size of 28.4…
March 21, 2021

TTOC supports Olympic overseas spectators ban

THE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (TTOC) supports the position taken by Tokyo2020 Olympic Games…

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Regional sport community prays for St Vincent https://t.co/ukF7fR3EAy
About 4 hours ago
We are celebrating 7️⃣5️⃣ years as the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee 🙌🏽, a milestone we are truly proud of… https://t.co/QqnR5ctF1e
About 12 hours ago
TeamTTO is proud to be celebrating PlayTrueDay with WADA @wada_ama and @RadoCaribbean Let us continue to prom… https://t.co/X4fbQ2bBZe
Friday, 09 April 2021 21:56
RT @thecgf: As day 5 of competition unfolded on the Gold Coast, it was clear that this day was built for the rise of new Commonwealth Games…
Friday, 09 April 2021 15:07

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Speaking Notes – Brian Collins, managing director, Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited


  • Good morning everyone. Well it has certainly been a productive and thrilling 2015 thus far for Flow. The merger, with Cable and Wireless, which was announced in 2014 but became final early this year.
  • Today however, we are speaking strictly about sports and I am delighted to share with you some of the details about our new partnership between the TTOC and Flow
  • Just as a reminder, our parent company C&W Communications in April signed as the official broadcast sponsor – and the exclusive telecom partner – of the 2016 Rio Olympics in the Pan-Caribbean region.. C&W Communications as the broadcast sponsor is historical and important simply because it revolutionises the experience of watching the Olympics for any sports enthusiast, any patriot within the Caribbean region. For Rio 2016 any Caribbean fan will have access to a unique variety of live video feeds, offered across a number of media platforms, including radio, ESPNS’s live television coverage, video on demand, as well as mobile and Internet streams – all of which can be accessed from your preferred device at no

additional cost to you. From historical features to contemporary stories, you will have more than 12 hours each day of extra Olympic programming much of which will focus on our local and regional athletes, because we want to showcase material that is relevant to you and we want you to watch your heroes in real time – and not just on the highlight reel.

  • It’s your Olympics, as you like it.
  • But that is about watching the Olympics in 2016.
  • Back in April while that announcement was made we were already having a conversation with Brian Lewis about deepening Flow’s support for the work of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee. These talks began just about 8 months ago, around the time Brian launched the 10 golds by 2024 program, via his participation in the National Marathon. We made our initial contribution to the programme, but we felt we could do more. We loved the idea of supporting the athletes’ development and helping them prepare directly to participate in the Olympics. Brian shared his vision for athletes that are supported by the TTOC; and how the 10 golds by 2024 would do for the athletes and it resonated with us.
  • As a Corporate supporter of development of any community/country in which we do business, we examine our involvement from three perspectives – who are we supporting/how is it helping/and what will success look like for the stakeholder. The 10 golds by 2024 helps you see that clearly. We’re helping our Trinidad and Tobago athletes prepare for the Olympic Games and the end result is improved performances and medals by our athletes. Contributing to the success of these individuals, who are so passionate about what they do, and who are so intent on doing

well for themselves, for the love of their sport and for their country, well, helping them is really a no brainer.

  • So here we are. This agreement which we’ve signed onto for five years solidifies our support for Rio 2016 and 2020 which will be in Tokyo. The financial contribution that we have provided today will go directly to 10 Golds for 2024 Athlete Preparation and Welfare Fund which means it will directly impact the athletes who are right now prepping for next year. As a result of supporting this initiative we are supporting not just one sport, but all the athletes who are in line to be in Rio next year. Also as a result of this agreement we are happy to be the official telecommunications partner of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee joining a committed group of partners who share this vision of success.
  • I want to take this moment to thank Brian, whose commitment to sport and athletic development of Trinidad and Tobago is unparalleled. Ever so often he posts on Twitter under the hashtag #acceptnolimits and I believe he truly doesn’t. He is a great advocate for athletes and for the development of sport in Trinidad and Tobago. We at Flow are truly excited about this partnership and supporting the Trinbagonian passion for sport and its athletes.
  • Last night I had the extreme pleasure of speaking at the Opening Night of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival which is celebrating 10 years and the Opening Film was about the journey of Michel Martelly to President of Haiti. This story was inspired, supported and produced by Praz Michel of the Fugees who was there last night and he said something that resonated with me. He said, he was an American, but he lived and breathed Haiti, he

said Haiti was his lifeblood, his background, his heart. Words like that, said with the passion in which he said it, they are powerful. I think it’s the same way for Trinidadians and Tobagonians – and by supporting your excellence in sport, Flow is demonstrating its support for your lifeblood, your  background and your heart.                                                                        

  • At Flow we pledge commitment to our partners, to our customers and to the communities in which we work as we continue to seek ways to amplify the message that we are a provider that is passionate about development in the region in which we serve. Our business may be technology but we pledge our allegiance to the development of Trinidad and Tobago, through technology, sport, education, in the arts and culture and of the individual as well.
  • Sports are such an important and defining part of any culture, especially those as rich as the ones found here in the Caribbean. We are so proud to have this opportunity to bring a more enhanced Olympic experience to our region, but in a more meaningful way locally, right here to the athletes of Trinidad and Tobago
  • It truly is a privilege to be a part of this partnership with TTOC and the wider Olympic Family which started months ago. The journey to those 10 golds for 2024 is truly underway. Join us as we showcase the skills and talents of Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean.