I have tried in the last week to find appropriate words to describe Mrs Dianne Marshall Holdip, the former assistant Registrar at High Wooding Law School, cultural advocate of the calypso, steelband and mas fraternity, devoted mother, wife and best friend, a nation builder and role model.

Along life’s journey we share time, energy and space with different people for different reasons. At times the reason is best known by the divine and infinite spirit and intelligence. My experience with Mrs Dianne Marshall Holdip was her unwavering and unconditional support for TeamTTO and in particular, the youth and young people wearing the red, white and black.

She always had a quiet word of advice, guidance, encouragement and support when she deemed it appropriate. Her kindness and words of wisdom often came at a time of turbulence when all else seemed part of a maelstrom of anger and spiteful and hurtful vitriol. Her message would shine like a lighthouse in a storm.

Never intrusive. Never overbearing. Sometimes brief, other times very brief as needed. Always timely. Always bringing much needed energy and positive vibes and perspective. Never afraid to contradict when deemed necessary. Always with an intent to foster betterment.

It’s said that you see the true measure of a man or woman when they are faced with adversity. That her outreach didn’t wane in the face of her battle and reckoning is probably her most profound statement.

I recall her expressing how proud she was of the young men on the 4x400m World Championship winning relay team and her message to remind them to sing their national anthem lustily. Anyone who had the privilege and honour to be blessed by her light will have their own memories and thoughts.

Her friendship and messages will be missed. Her unwavering support for TeamTTO, #10golds24 and #futureisfemale will no longer be given tangible expression.

But her passion and loyalty, her deep compassion and caring would never be forgotten.

On behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and Team Trinidad and Tobago I extend heartfelt and deepest condolences to Justice Malcolm Holdip, their children, family, friends and colleagues and all who loved and looked up to Mrs Dianne Marshall Holdip.

From a personal perspective no words can adequately express my profound sadness.

Dear Mrs Holdip, rest in peace. It was an honour and privilege knowing and learning from your wisdom and experience, integrity and dignity, dedication and indomitable character and courage.