The Olympic flame has arrived in Brazil. A special flight operated by LATAM Airlines landed in the capital Brasília early on the morning of Tuesday 3 May, carrying the flame from the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland to its new home in Brazil. Over the course of the following 95 days, the Olympic torch will visit more than 300 towns and cities all over Brazil, before arriving in the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro for the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on 5 August.

The flame then moved on to a welcoming ceremony at the Pálacio do Planalto, the official workplace of the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. "Brazil is now the country of the Games. We will remember this day and it will go down in history," President Rousseff said, before using the flame to light the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch and pass it to double Olympic volleyball champion Fabiana Claudino to start the Brazilian phase of the torch relay.

Special flight The flame was lit at at traditional ceremony in the Temple of Hera in Olympia in Greece, on 21 April. Following ancient custom, a parabolic mirror was used to light the flame with the sun's rays. The same day, a torch relay began that took the flame all over Greece, before visiting the United Nations in Geneva and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. On 5 August, the torch will be used to light the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony. When it travels by air, the flame is preserved inside special lanterns which sit on a dedicated seat inside the aircraft. Security forces guard the flame at all times to make sure it travels safely and never goes out.