Former national boxer Giselle Salandy was remembered with a luncheon at Mau Pau, Ariapita Avenue, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Salandy, who died six years ago in a vehicular accident near to NP on the Beetham Highway, will be honoured in a world title fight in March or April.

Buxo Potts, special advisor to the T&T Boxing Board of Control (T&TBBC), who also trained and managed Salandy said: “It is a bitter sweet moment, it is bitter because our iconic figure Giselle Salandy is not here with us, gone too soon at a young age. But it is sweet to know we could celebrate her life and times. She died six years ago and today Mau Pau has decided to have a luncheon in memory of her and to launch a fight.

“We will have a fight in honour of her in her hometown. Miss Lorissa Rivas (T&T) will be contesting Mikaela Laurens of Sweden for a title. It is the super welterweight divison. We are very pleased to have such a high accolade in boxing right here in her homeland. This fight is going be in late March or early April. We still await a date but the fighters are ready.”

Owner of Superior Promotions Harry Ragoonanan, who was the promoter of Salandy’s 2007 world title fight also paid tribute to the former champion.

“Today is a very special day for us in that we remember the life and times of Giselle Salandy who passed away six years ago yesterday (Sunday). In honour of her I am very happy to see we are getting a world title fight.

Ragoonanan stated that Salandy never got the opportunity to reach her full potential. “This country has never seen the full strength of Giselle Salandy and what she was capable off. She died too soon. The country missed out on what she really had to offer. I am very happy that we could remember such a great champion and she has been recognised by boxing associations all over the world.”

Neale Greaves, a director on the T&TBBC called for support. Greaves said: “We are looking forward to a world title fight. We are calling on all corporate sponsors, we are calling on the Government of T&T, we are callling all boxing enthusiasts to come out and give us that support. This is an international event and we welcome everyone on board.”

Potts sent a strong message to the young people of the country to live responsible lifes. “Take responsibility for what goes inside of you. Do not drink and drive, do not drive tired.

“I am not saying she (Salandy) used drugs, I am not saying she was drinking and driving but I believe she was tired and this may have caused her untimely death.”