The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has announced the completion of its constitutional reform process.

Working for the last 18 months, the Raoul John-led a team consisting for former Newcastle United and ESPN analyst Shaka Hislop, senator Elton Prescott, Olympic Committee chairman Brian Lewis, Patrick Raymond, Dr. Shida Rampersad and former West Indies Players Association president Dinanath Ramnarine, worked with former local Referees Association president Osmond Downer to produce the new TTFA constitution.

TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee said the Association had no choice but to do things differently from the past, therefore a reform committee made up of eminent persons was put together to reform the TTFA constitution.

“The new document will speak of not only how things ought to be done, but will look also at the restructuring of the organisation,” Tim Kee said.

“In the restructuring effort, what we ensured was there were checks and balances ensured. Accountability and transparency are two main pillars (upon) which this constitution was developed.

“So, we will be having an office run by compliance and audit, to ensure not only that accounts are done in a particular way, but also that the systems are adhered to, to ensure good governance.

“I am sure we have done enough to ensure there is not a recurrence of those mistakes (of the past),” Tim Kee declared.