by Andre E. Baptiste

Leading Trinidad and Tobago sprinter Ato Boldon is hoping for a baby boy soon, to complement his daughter Bri and he is expecting that by the end of the year, he could become a father again.

"Certainly , I would like to have my first child with Cassandra for the latest to be around the end of this year or maybe by March next year, I know what family means and I am looking forward to that, in a short time, I may have a better idea of some kind of date, but a child is what we (Cassandra , his wife and him) both want at the moment,"Boldon told the Sunday Express.

"The time is right for a child , there are a lot of things going on in my life which are negative and I need the positive aspect of a child, and the knowledge that admits all the rumours and talks, that I am about being honest, fair, loyal and loving to my country and family and will not do anything to harm that,"

"I have a preference of course and I want a boy now because I have a daughter already and this would be the perfect complement, there are a lot of things that I want to do with a son, I have to admit that after the Olympics , I thought by now, I would have been well on my way to having a child, but it is my fault , I have been out of the country so many times,"he added.

26 year old Boldon says he will stop at two children though," I really don't want any more than two children, that is enough, I feel that is the right mix and that is a good total , two, it is what I consider manageable,"

"I know that Cassandra wants about three or four children , so it is something that I will have to work out with her and see how it works, because she likes a large family,"

"Being a father changes your life and changes your perspective on life and also of course your finances, you have to be able to adapt to a lot of changing situations, but it is something , I am looking forward to even more,"

"My first child with Cassandra will be something very special, I can not wait, I know we both want a child, because there is a lot of love in the Boldon household," "Both my parents have taught me the right way to get things done and I am aiming to reciprocate this in my action with all my children,"

"Despite whatever , fame, fortune , success , there is nothing more important than having a family and sharing your love with them,"

Sprinting is considered one of the most self-centred sports in the world and Ato admits,"As a sprinter you are very self centred , and always concerned with all the glory , or all the scorn, but now you have to change your thinking, which is good." "I know that a young child and a boy at that, because that is what I want will be able to learn a lot about his parents from us, we intend to bring him up as best as possible and he must know about Trinidad and Tobago,"he noted.