A fresh approach and new opportunities can help sport rediscover its mojo and edge.

Self serving; misplaced selfishness; an orgy of self interest, that’s how many people now define and see the world of sport.

Sport leaders and decision makers within sport, who march from crisis to crisis, calamity after calamity, have caused the view to be formed that they aren’t up to the job.

The old way of thinking, digging in even as the world of sport is peering over the cliff-edge, the status quo is complacent. Their superiority complex fuels an attitude of being entitled. It’s not rigidity but flexibility that keeps the wheels of progress, innovation and creativity moving.

The disruptors and innovators that can drive the transformation are relentless and headstrong fuelled by a passion for a brighter sustainable inclusive future. They have wide-ranging interests and passion and understand that it’s not only about technology, the sport, politics, power or money. It is understanding people.

We are in the people development—personal improvement and well being—business making the world of difference with a mindset, attitude and thinking that fosters a transformative culture - People power.
Imagine if we put people first how much more humanising it would be.

We use sport to find new ways to allow the expression of human capabilities to empower people in particular the youth and young people, women and girls. People matter; human beings matter.

There is a quotation by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change”. That challenges the way we look at the dilemma of progress.

The reinvention of sport and the Olympic movement is at hand. Despite its traditions, sport is in a constant state of self inflicted upheaval.

Taking great pride in being timeless sport must now embrace dynamism and reinvent the purpose of sport. Sport leaders must raise their eyes and minds from the present and embrace ideas that will shape the future.

We cannot be indifferent to the vagaries of time. The world has changed immeasurably in the last two decades. It’s time to rewrite sport and Olympic values and tackle the entrenched hierarchy, demons and mistakes and create real change. In a world of unpredictable political, social and economic events there are no sacred cows. It’s a time of change.

We have to use these turbulent times to rediscover the true meaning of Olympism, the Olympics and sport.

Transformation through collaboration. It’s a matter of trust.

We have to rethink convention; rethink tradition; rethink the future, rethink sport; rethink the Olympic Games; rethink the Olympic movement.