We are taking Trinidad and Tobago for granted!

People who are invested in their communities and care about their communities must persevere and think strategically about how to turn their outrage into concrete action. Stand up and fight  for the community, society and country you want to live in.  

In the most dire circumstances perseverance, deep committment , dedication and pit bull like ferocity can turn the tide. A sense of community and a deep seated passion for the essence and best interest of the community.  It requires Perseverance and belief amidst the most bleak of circumstances.

But its important to be able to turn outrage into concrete action.

On Saturday as part of our preparation for the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon - Robert Dumas, Aasan Lewis, Bertram Smart and this writer did- the Queens Royal College ( Queens Park Savannah) to Tyrico Beach/ Bay walk. The scenic, picturesque and panoramic  North Coast Road provides a beautiful view and experience. The walk mind you cant by any stretch of the imagination be considered an easy walk.  By the time we got to Tyrico turned around and ended by the landmark Uncle Sam and Sons establishment the technology application registered 14 miles.

We started  from QRC at 5am with the expanse of Maracas Beach coming into our sight line just after 8am.  A large flock of Corbeaux holding court was a disconcerting sight as was the dishevelled look of the beach and environs . We were distracted from our joy of having made it.  Our shouts of "We reach! We made it! " quickly replaced by stunned silence at the distressed sight.

There is so much natural beauty here in Trinidad and Tobago.  But the myopic, willful and wanton disregard we show for our environment is an utter disgrace.

Where is the outrage that can be converted into concrete action?

We claim to want a healthier and fitter nation one that is less obese and with a lower rate of non communicable disease morbidity and mortality. But yet our drivers continue to display reckless  disregard for their fellow citzens who may be walking, jogging , running or riding their way to being fitter and healthier.

What is destroying the fabric and quality of life in Trinidad and Tobago isnt the economic down turn or high crime and corruption. Its a myopic  apathy and  dont care a damn attitude for the glorious aspects , elements and awesome things that we have for free here in Trinidad and Tobago.

We lack the outrage that can be converted into concrete action.  Suffering in stoic silence isnt or ought not to be a concrete action. We must stop taking Trinidad and Tobago for granted.