Sometimes its difficult to separate fact from fiction. There are those who will smile to your face and as soon as your back is turned they will have the most negative things to say. In a very real way its not unexpected.

Recently, I was sharing with a friend the importance of criticism in respect of the role and responsibilities of a decision maker. Its important when you are in a position of leadership not to fear criticism. When you fear criticism you become in decisive. I have made criticism my best friend. I welcome it and treasure it.

The truth of the matter is no matter what you may do or decide, someone somewhere will have an issue. Its a given. One thing is certain- the buck stops at the feet of the leader. There may be many attempts to manipulate a leader when critical and not so critical decisions are to be made. The advent of social media is seen by many in leadership positions to be a threat rather than an opportunity. The reality is that social media is probably the most underused asset in a sport organisation's orbit.

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic committee and the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association(TTCG) continues to bang down the door. A recent governance audit of the member affiliates in membership has been conducted.
The report is due soon and would provide very interesting information. Although there are some who anticipate that nothing will come out of it. I remain optimistic.
Time will tell. The intention is to utilise the report in a manner that will assist the TTOC.

Criticism is assured. Press on regardless.

Within recent days the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee welcomed US Olymlic star Lauryn Williams to Trinidad and Tobago. Ms Williams a decorated track sprinter who earned multiple Olympic medals. Her cupboard is filled with coveted hardware.

Author of the Oval Office book Ms Williams has a powerful story to tell and advice to give especially to those athletes who aspire or are currently plying their trade as a professional athlete.

In the coming weeks more will be heard about the TeamTTO Thrive/ThriveTeamTTO initiative which is intended to target athletes who are serious about the concept of the professional athlete as a business.

Yes. Sport in the 21st century is serious business but the how to go about running your business is another matter. That is where Thrive TeamTTO is focused. Providing guidance and mentoring along the journey of living life as a sport entrepreneur. Interesting times ahead indeed.

Written by Brian Lewis.
The views expressed are not necessarily those of the TTOC and the TTCGA.