The Advanced Sport Management Course Alumni of Trinidad and Tobago (ASMC Alumni) was officially launched following its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections on March 11th 2017. The ASMC is made up of various coaches, former athletes and sport enthusiasts who are graduates of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee’s (TTOC) Advanced Sport Management Courses.


After months of lectures on governance, finance, marketing and other key topics relevant to the sport industry in Trinidad and Tobago, the ASMC initiative took root in 2015 and an interim steering committee was selected to develop the pathway, which led to the name, logo and constitution being drafted and formulated.

Secretary General of TTOC, Mrs Annette Knott said, “the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee welcomes the formation of the ASMC Alumni. The intention of the Advanced Sports Management Course is to create a learning community of managers of Olympic Sports Organisation. The Alumni has now formalised this learning community where participants will have the opportunity to share their wealth of experience and expertise. The sharing is crucial to developing the learning community for Trinidad and Tobago National Sports Organisations. The Alumni, now established offers several services to NSO's including volunteering at Events, administrative assistance and building NSO's capacity”. The TTOC looks forward to the Alumni’s continued development.

Further commendation came from the Head of NOC Management Programmes of Olympic Solidarity, Mrs. Joanna Zipser-Graves. In her statement, Mrs. Zipser-Graves said, “Advanced Sport Management Courses are one of the key Olympic Solidarity programmes in the area of sport management education. The ASMC Alumni of Trinidad & Tobago is a perfect example of a learning community emerging as a result of an advanced course. It will hopefully become a long lasting legacy of the Advanced Sport Management Courses organised by the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee. We wish the ASMC Alumni successful cooperation and trust that they will play an important role in the enhancement of sport management in Trinidad & Tobago”.

The ASMC Alumni five member Executive Committee of Kabir Hosein (President), Rowena Williams (Secretary), Francis Haynes (Treasurer), Sharon Bravo-Phillip (Education Officer) and Ria Ramnarine (Communications Officer) term of office is 2017 – 2018.

Submitted by:

Miss Ria Ramnarine

Communications Officer, ASMC Alumni

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