DEXTER VOISIN, manager of the Trinidad and Tobago track and field team at the London Olympics, is pleased that the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) chose sprinter Marc Burns to carry the flag at today’s opening ceremony.

“I think it’s an honour for him and also for track and field to carry the flag in the opening ceremony,” said Voisin yesterday, in an interview from London, England. “I think it is his fourth Olympics.

“He’s what you’ll call a veteran, an experienced athlete in these circumstances. The TTOC made the decision and I think it was a very good decision.”

Asked which athletes are not in the Village at the moment, he said, “we still have Renny Quow to come to the Games Village. “Richard Thompson went back to Norway to return on the 30th. He went back to final training with his coach.”

With regards to the atmosphere in London, Voisin noted, “we arrived in the Games Village (on Wednesday) (and) the whole atmosphere (yesterday) has been overwhelming.

“You have all the athletes now gathering,” he continued. “We went training (yesterday) afternoon and everybody is looking to rest now.”

Asked if there were any problems in the Village, Voisin replied, “everything’s smooth so far.”

The opening ceremony will take place today but Voisin commented, “we don’t start the competition until the third (of August) so there’s no hype in terms of the opening ceremony.