November 20 - Hackney Community College has been unveiled as the key training location for the London 2012 Games Maker volunteers that will work across the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

London 2012 is currently in the process of recruiting around 70,000 volunteers for the Games with some applicants still being interviewed despite there being just eight months to go until the start of the Olympics on July 27.

However, some provisional offers have started being issued to individuals to become Games Makers and from early next year, successful applicants will then receive orientation, role-specific and venue training.

Most of the Games Makers selected to volunteer during the London 2012 Games will receive their role-specific training at either the Shoreditch Campus or Morley Hall on Mare Street at Hackney Community College with sessions to take place from the middle of February to the middle of May 2012.

"Hackney Community College is delighted that it will be one of the locations hosting the training of the London 2012 volunteers," said Ian Ashman, Principal of Hackney Community College.

"It is recognition of the really high quality facilities we have available, as well as being a practical illustration of London 2012's commitment to put resources into host borough communities.

"We will be using these resources to help support our students and programmes, including our four sports academies.

"We will also be encouraging the 70,000 volunteers to make the most of Hackney's facilities while they are with us; for example, to visit local restaurants, bars and museums, so that others will also benefit from our success."

There is an additional boost for Hackney Community College as art and design, media and fashion students at the facility are being given the opportunity to create artwork for the Games Maker training venues.

Around 60 students are involved in creating individual video installations, textiles and artwork which will be presented to London 2012 next month on December 2.

The winning pieces for the training venues will be selected on the December 12 with all the work is based around the Olympic and Paralympic values of excellence, respect, courage, inspiration, friendship, equality and determination.

"I am really excited and thrilled that we have been given this opportunity to be part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games," said Paulene Carr, head of Art, Media and Fashion at Hackney Community College.

"Both students and staff are inspired and motivated by this opportunity to contribute to what will be a longstanding legacy to the local community.

"We hope 2012 is not just a number or a year, but will be a constant reminder of success not only for Stratford and London, but for the United Kingdom; let people talk of 2012 for many years to come."

As well as providing a training venue, Hackney Community College has already made other commitments for the Games, including training hundreds of students and unemployed people to take up 2012 jobs in industries like security, catering, retail and cleaning.

They have also put forward ambassadors to support sports events, students to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies as well as an involvement in the Cultural Olympiad.

"We believe London 2012 offers a great legacy to the local area and winning the contract to be venue for the volunteer training is one more example of the benefits of the Games to our community," added Ashman.

Hackney Community College has more than 9,000 students each year.

This figure is made up of 16 to 18-year-olds in the new South Hackney Sixth 6th form and adults who study full and part time.

Increasing numbers of 14 to16-year-olds also learn at the college either in partnership with local schools or through other arrangements.

The College is also home to the London City Hospitality Centre and its famous training restaurant Open Kitchen.

By Tom Degun