Richard “Torpedo” Thompson has thrown his support behind Trinidad and Tobago teammate Kelly-Ann Baptiste following her positive drugs test.

Baptiste, who bagged World Championship women’s 100 metres bronze for T&T two years ago, voluntarily withdrew from the 2013 Worlds, which are taking place here in Moscow, Russia. She left Moscow yesterday.

Thompson told the Sunday Express that while he does not know the details of the situation, he considers Baptiste to be “honest and hard-working”.

“We’ve heard about the supposed positive test. However, it’s difficult for me to speak on the matter because I haven’t spoken to Kelly-Ann directly. I’m just waiting to hear, just like everybody else.

“It’s obviously a difficult time for Kelly-Ann. It would be a difficult time for her family, her camp, Trinidad and Tobago. However, I’m sure she will get a lot of support through it. Kelly-Ann, I’ve always seen as a stand-up person.”

Baptiste and Thompson were teammates at Louisiana State University (LSU) in the United States.

“I’ve seen her from the junior level. I went to school with her, and I know her work ethic and her mentality. She’s always been one to represent Trinidad and Tobago honestly and in a clean way.

“Kelly-Ann has done the right thing. If she knows she’s tested positive,” Thompson ended, “withdraw from the Games, go back home, and take care of it.”