The Argentine Olympic Committee (COA) has signed an agreement with the Universidad Nacional del Litoral which will offer students the opportunity to undertake a course focusing specifically on the Olympic Movement.

It is the first time a course like this will be on offer in Argentina for university students.

The Universidad Nacional del Litoral caters for around 40,000 students, who will now have the opportunity to choose the sport, culture and values ​​of Olympism module as part of their studies.

The agreement was signed by COA secretary general Mario Moccia and Rector of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Albor Cantard.

Moccia gave a lecture to students on the Olympic Movement following the signing of the agreement.

"[The] spread and reach each one of the areas that have to do with sports and education in terms of contributing our bit to the education system is one of the purposes of the Committee," said Moccia.

"The International Olympic Committee (IOC) aims to transform society through sport, seeking to be better people and trying to contribute to education."

Moccia also spoke about the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games due to take place in Argentine capital Buenos Aires and the impact they will have on youth sport in the country.

Buenos Aires was awarded the Games at a meeting of the IOC Extraordinary Session in Lausanne last year ahead of bids from Glasgow in Britain and Colombian city Medellin.

"This is a historical fact," he said.

"Choosing the host city is a complicated process.

"Argentina was presented five times [for the Olympics] and recently was chosen to the Games for the first time.

"We need to prioritise sport because it is a hub for social inclusion, to improve the quality of life and to contribute to the training of young people."

Moccia was joined at the signing of the historic agreement by the COA's general manager Carlos Ferrea, President of the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, José Luis Marco and director of its Olympic Education Programme Silvia Dalotto.

Dalotto, a former marathon swimming world champion, also gave an address on the Olympic Movement and Olympic Education.