The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) has announced that all national sports federations will be required to include basic universal good governance principles in their constitutions.

The move comes as the National Olympic Committee continues to work on promoting the adoption of good governance and ethics across the country's sports movement.

To help the national bodies to improve their sport administration and good governance practices, the TTOC will run a number of courses every year to educate on the principles, while providing assistance with reviews and reforms in their constitutions.

Good governance is part of the principles of Olympism, according to the International Olympic Committee.

Among the basic universal principles of good governance are transparency, efficient communication, shared and controlled responsibilities, respect to all and the right to appeal about all forms of disciplinary measures.

"Improving good sport governance in Trinidad and Tobago is a priority and focus for the TTOC," Brian Lewis, the President of the TTOC, said.

"Ensuring that national sport organisations are in compliance with and adhere to basic universal principles of good governance is therefore necessary."