The decision of Edmonton to withdraw from the bidding process to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022 is a reflection of the loss of status and impaired relevance of the Commonwealth Games.

One city bidding to host the Games is a blow to the image of the Games.

The Commonwealth Games Federation(CGF) and its member Commonwealth Games Associations can't simply engage in public relation spin .

This is a serious situation that has been developing for sometime years now.

It can't be business as usual.

The Commonwealth Games is in danger and if the organization and its members rationalize this situation away as due simply to falling oil and gas revenue then the eventual demise of the Games is near certain. Edmonton's withdrawal is a symptom of deeper and far reaching issues that the CGF has been ignoring for some years now.

The future of the Commonwealth Games after Gold Coast 2018 is not a positive one.

A Games without a vibrant bidding process is not in the best interest of the Commonwealth Games .

The Commonwealth Games deserves better.

Marketing, promotion and branding efforts require specific and focused attention.

It is an unacceptable situation .

The CGF and its membership must adopt a dynamic, proactive and forward thinking vision and strategic  approach to addressing the threat to the future of the Commonwealth Games.

Brian Lewis


Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association(TTCGA) and Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC)