The Dwight Yorke Stadium could be ready to host the British Airways Legends Football Tournament in June.

Chief Secretary Orville London, Secretary of the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport (DEYAS), Huey Cadette and Assistant Secretary in that Division Jomo Pitt all met with Minister of Sport Brent Sancho last  Friday at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall to discuss the status of the stadium which has been closed since November 2012, as the  Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago has not conducted  critical repairs necessary for  Occupational Safety and Health Authority  (OSHA) approval.
According to Cadette, DEYAS will continue to discuss the issue with OSHA to determine which works can be completed in time for the tournament.
Cadette said during the meeting, it was agreed that an overall refurbishment of the stadium is necessary but that it cannot be completed in time for the Legends tournament. He is, however, comfortable with the decisions taken at the one-hour meeting.
These include facilitating the immediate use of the warm-up track and practise field outside the stadium.
Sancho said work has already started to rectify the problems identified by OSHA.
The Minister has also promised to have most of the problems with the track and main stand at the Dwight Yorke Stadium rectified by May.