The president of the CROS of Guadeloupe, on behalf of the whole sports movement Guadeloupe, welcomes the historical performance of the female handball team of Guadeloupe.

This is the first team sport that offers Guadeloupe international title: The selection is Pan American champion in its class, and as such will represent the area in the intercontinental tournament.

This performance rewards the strategy of integration supported by the leaders of the handball league Guadeloupe, understood, supported and accompanied by the French Handball Federation.

This performance reward the exceptional work conducted by the technical department at young people and the pole.

This performance, achieved in Colombie , must be an example to all sports in Guadeloupe, engaged with the CROS of Guadeloupe in a process of international integration, and to a first participation in the Central American and Caribean Games 2018 in Colombie.