The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC)Good Sport Governance Code will be a Roadmap for Olympic Sport Governance in Trinidad and Tobago.
A TTOC Governance Commission to be established by TTOC President Brian Lewis will comprise of five individuals who have no known official affliation to any local Olympic Sport organisation.
Among the five individuals- four are from Trinidad and Tobago and the fifth  is well known Olympic Sport Governance expert Professor Leigh Robinson Head of Sport Studies at the University of Stirling in Scotland.
The intention is to put together a Sport Governance Code that meets international benchmarks in relation to good governance.
Discussions with the proposed members of the Commission will conclude by the end of July.
The Commission will begin work on the Code in August says Lewis.
Lewis who was elected a  member of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committee  (CANOC ) Executive Board in October 2014 is also  Chairman of the CANOC International and National Olympic Committees Relations Commission will be pushing to have the Good Sport Governance Code included in the TTOC Consitution at next year's Annual General Meeting.