Over the next five years, Toyota Trinidad and Tobago will inject a total of $750,000 into the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee’s (TTOC) 10 or more gold medals by 2024 Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund.

This announcement was made at Olympic House on Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday, where TTOC president Brian Lewis and Toyota’s local marketing manager Sean Shaffie, elaborated on the partnership. Toyota TT’s inclination to get on board and heavily involved with the developments of the TTOC will see the major multi-national corporation invest $150,000 per annum into the Fund, until the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Toyota TT’s most recent venture has now made them the official vehicle and mobility partner for the TTOC. In addition to financial aid, the motor corporation will provide transport for the local Olympic fraternity, along with advertising and promotional support, internship to selected athlete/s undergoing educational and training programmes, Toyota branded merchandise and other all-round support.

“Why we consider this a landmark initiative is because it is not customary for a national domestic arm to partner with the local Olympic organisation. Having taken this approach, Toyota TT has set an example. I would like to again invite the other top partners and locally-based entities to come in and be a part of our Athlete Preparation Fund,” Lewis declared.

On his company’s latest partnership, Shaffie lauded the TTOC’s hands-on development initiative and expressed great pleasure combining forces towards a patriotic objective of attaining Olympic glory.

“We have come together to support our nation’s efforts of medal accomplishments for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. Our monetary and other investments into the TTOC is solely intended on helping the athletes develop and perform well at the Tokyo Games. We believe in the TTOC’s professionalism in making this happen,” said Shaffie. So far, the TTOC has aligned itself with bpTT, Guardian Group, Adidas, Lisa Communications, Scotiabank, National Lotteries Control Board and most recently, Toyota TT.

With more and more corporations coming on board, the TTOC president concluded, “We have been receiving great support from our sponsors. We have at this point, one more major announcement to make, that is in the hands of the major partner and is very significant.”