DAVID NAKHID has received a glowing endorsement in his bid to become the next president of FIFA from Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee.

On Tuesday, Nakhid declared his intention to run for president of FIFA during a live interview on the Rogers Radio Caribbean in Antigua. Tim Kee, in a telephone interview yesterday, spoke in glowing terms of the former Trinidad and Tobago midfielder and team captain.

“David Nakhid is somebody for who I have utmost respect, and this goes way back,” said Tim Kee.

“I was one of the very few people (in local football administration) who made him comfortable.

“I respected him, his independence of thought and he is a stickler for what he believes is right,” he continued.

“He does not compromise anything in his mind which is not right.” Tim Kee pointed out, “David Nakhid is a man who is well-qualified.

He has two different degrees (International Relations and Economics from American University in Washington DC), he speaks several different languages.

“I know he has been in what you call the big leagues. I was kind of surprised when that indication came to me but if David gets the opportunity, he has the credentials to do great things as a leader in football.” Tim Kee is confident that Nakhid can be a worthwhile replacement for Sepp Blatter, who announced his resignation as FIFA president in June, in the midst of the FIFA corruption scandal.

“When somebody has to do a job, the main thing you look at is the credentials,” said the TT FA boss.

“David is (51) so he acquired the right age and the level of experience which will serve him in good stead.

“He’s an International Relations man, he knows how to treat with the world,” Tim Kee added.

“He’s bright, he has potential and that is what you need to recruit, somebody who does not have baggage, who is coming into a new environment and could change things around.

David is a good man and I wish that he gets the support that is required to be among the candidates.” He went on to state, “I think David is a good candidate, as long as he pursues it further.

David and I have chatted, he’ll throw things out and we’ll chat.

If he’s really geared for this, it’s something I think will be a good thing.

“I don’t know who we have in the Caribbean who can rival David in terms of qualifications (and) I dare say, in CONCACAF even, when I look around at all those guys that are involved at the highest level,” Tim Kee emphasised.

“David is a smart guy and a honest, sincere person. You wouldn’t be getting any six-fora- nine with David.

Over the years, he has mellowed a lot.

He’s a lot more suave and a lot more smooth, as compared to how he was when he was playing for Trinidad (and Tobago).” Asked about the likelihood that Nakhid may receive criticism over his lack of experience in football administration, Tim Kee replied, “people had said that about (Franz) Beckenbauer, when he was coach of Germany, he was a (great) player.

“(Michel) Platini was a great player before he went in to UEFA, and he turned to be a good and excellent president of Europe.

But he had no experience before that, in administration.”