Dahlia Ditzen, former communications manager of the Trinidad and Tobago Grand Games (TTGG), says the meet’s chief executive officer Regina Johnas is fully responsible for the sudden cancellation of the event.

In a statement issued to the media yesterday, Ditzen openly apologised for the Games’ abandonment and alleged she did not receive proper correspondence from John indicating that the inaugural meet was aborted. Ditzen emphasised her innocence and directed all concerns and queries pertaining to ticket refunds to the meet director.

“I will like to formally go on record by saying I received unofficial information from members of the media that there was word circulating re: the event was cancelled,” Ditzen outlined.

“This was later confirmed by the CEO/CFO/Meet Director Ms Regina John via WhatsApp and then telephone to the organising members. I immediately informed Ms John of the need to make an official statement by way of Press Release and/or Press Conference, informing everyone that the meet has indeed been cancelled and on how ticket purchasers may get their due refund among other important issues.” The ex-TT GG executive member also indicated that the final decision to cancel this event falls solely on John who was responsible for; the overall operations of the event, the complete financial management of the organisation; contract negotiations for athletes, agents, entertainment, travel and accommodation, all agent/athlete negotiations and communication and decisions to and reason(s) for cancelling the TT GG Meet.

She added: “We the members were completely surprised and saddened by the recent turn of events, the negative publicity and in particular the disappointment to the athletes, coaches, agents and the general public.

I shall, however, continue to be of service to the public to ensure that their concerns are addressed to the best of my ability. This is in spite of the fact that I and others have removed ourselves from the T&T Grand Games as we were extremely dissatisfied on hearing of the cancellation of the meet from others before hearing it directly from the CEO herself first.” In another press release with the TT GG letterhead but unsigned and titled “CEO Regina John explains”, the TT GG stated “John admits that this event lacked the funding from some key supporters, however, she claims that it was not the ultimate reason for her decision to cancel.

“At the eleventh hour, she had no choice but to cancel the meet.

She cites that she did not receive the necessary police security paperwork in time as a reason.” Persons who purchased TT GG tickets from ticket outlets will be refunded their monies next Friday (May 27) at Phats International in Arima from 2-5pm.