NEWLY APPOINTED interim president of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committee (CANOC), Brian Lewis, is fully aware of the challenges which he would be facing over the next four months after he was unanimously elected to serve in that capacity, following the recent resignation of former president Steve Stoute.

Speaking in a recent interview, Lewis expressed his gratification with being elected by his colleagues to spearhead the organisation until the CANOC Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled for Barranquilla, Colombia, in February 2017.

“It is my privilege and I would approach it as an honour because there was a level of trust and responsibility given to me and therefore it is my obligation to leave the organisation in a better position in February,” stated Lewis.

Elaborating on the many stresses which he expects to face, Lewis believes in the unity of purpose as a tool in assessing these challenges and issues.

“Hardwork, teamwork and dedication is needed by all members and also partnering organisations working together collectively, is of utmost importance,” Lewis expressed, as he intends to enhance on the positive image and credibility of the Caribbean in terms of sport and its anti- doping reputation.

Sport leadership, along with proper governing standards and informed, important contributions, must be implemented for guaranteed success in the foreseeable future.

Lewis noted that serving as the interim president would be an interesting task especially after the leadership and legacy which was left behind by the former president Steve Stoute.

He also relayed that there were challenging issues and a hectic agenda moving forward as he gave an insight as to what he would be facing over the next four months in charge.

However, according to Lewis, “Stoute’s legacy was defined by his passion and filling the shoes of an iconic leader would be a difficult task but one in which I would try to operate at the same level of dignity and integrity in which he did.”