MADRID - Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Olympic Channel Services (OCS) were recently presented with two ISO certificates at their Madrid, Spain headquarters. The certificates recognise the company’s commitment to the environment, and dedication to promoting the best management of resources.

Manuel Romero, Director of Development and Business at AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) presented the certificates to Yiannis Exarchos, CEO of OBS and Executive Director of the Olympic Channel, at a ceremony attended by staff representing both organisations. 

The strategic and systematic approach to energy efficiency within the organisations resulted in obtaining the ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management Systems. OBS and OCS are dedicated to developing and implementing its energy policy as well as managing those aspects of its activities and services that involve energy use.

Additionally, by achieving the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, OBS and OCS showcase its compliance with most environmental requirements and integration of environmental management practices into its operations.

Exarchos said: “Our efforts have been recognised, which represents a milestone for OBS and OCS. Our aim is not only to be leaders, but also to make less of a negative impact on the environment.”

Juan Canadell, Head of Human Resources and Crewing added: “These certificates recognise the commitment of both OBS and OCS, and all its employees to sustainability and should be an incentive for everyone to keep on pushing to minimise the environmental impact of everything that we do.”

As part of Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has made sustainability one of its top priorities. Alongside building credibility and engaging youth, it represents one of the three pillars of the Olympic Agenda 2020 making it a key factor in all aspects of the Olympic Games.

Several actions have been taken during the past several months to contribute towards OBS and OCS sustainability plans. These include the installation of LED lights and charging points for electric vehicles, use of recycled paper and environmentally friendly cleaning products, and implementation of water saving devices.

Both certificates are valid for three years, and OBS and OCS are determined to preserve their status and continue to improve.

Editor’s Note

Yiannis Exarchos (L) and Manuel Romero (R).Photo Courtesy of OBS and the Olympic Channel.