The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee prepares to host the 23rd Annual Awards this coming Friday December 29 at the Hyatt Recency Hotel.

The event is always on December 29.

Over the years the challenges of hosting an event that is one of the crown jewels of the national Olympic Committee’s calender of events is always present.

The Christmas season has its own challenges. However, while there are challenges and problems to overcome, the advantages and compelling reasons for continuing to hold the event on the December 29 are strong.

There is always a need to constantly review and freshen up the event.

That is always the primary consideration ensuring that the TTOC Annual Awards Gala is a special occasion of celebration and inspiration and recognition.

The event has evolved from it’s original iteration to its current status and stature where for many persons it’s a save the date occasion and a must attend.

The addition in recent years of the People’s Choice Award and from this year a Future is Female award has kept the interest and relevance of the event current and modern.

The Best Dress - Social Media Challenge has seen the event take on a ‘dress to impress’ vibe and some of the attendees go all out to reflect their sense of style and fashion that adds glamour and glitz to the occasion.

Since 2013, the feature speaker continues to be chosen from among the pool of active sportsmen and women. The telling of their story in their own words, tone and style provides inspiration.

It’s important for the youth and young people to hear from their peers what motivates and inspires success.

While one can never predict that any year will be the best ever—one thing is certain- every effort will be made to improve and build on the lessons and foundation of the previous editions.

As we say goodbye to 2017 and look forward to the new year—I remain confident that with the packed schedule facing the TTOC and Team TTO in 2018 there will be a lot of positives and high points to talk and write about.

On Friday, the TTOC Annual Awards Gala will celebrate 2017.

It will also provide an opportunity to re-dedicate and re commit to the goals and objectives of 2018.