The Member National Olympic Committees of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) will celebrate the first ever CANOC week from 4th to 10th March 2018.

Member National Olympic Committees will host various activities during the week in their respective countries to engage their various stakeholders. Based on their country’s culture and interests, each Olympic Committee will use the opportunity during the week to raise the positive profile of the Olympic Movement and Olympism.

The role of Sport and Olympism is as important, and as needed as it has ever been. The social and economic challenges facing the region are well known.

The power of Sport and Olympism, and the Olympic values are timeless and therefore relevant.

CANOC week is an important affirmation of the determination individually and collectively of the National Olympic Committees in the region to make a positive difference to the children and youth of the Caribbean through sport and Olympism.

Unity is our strength and our strength is in our unity. We are stronger together.

Let's celebrate CANOC week with courage, vision and purpose.