The Office of the Prime Minister has given over $1 million to Bishops High School, Mt Marie to help fund a $4 million state-of-the-art sports field, which is expected to be completed by September.

The field is expected to be used for football, track and field and cricket.

At a press conference at the school last Thursday, project chairAlison Williams said work on the field began in January and is expected to be completed in time for the Secondary Schools Football league.

Williams said the project will cost over $4 million and might include artificial turf. He said the school received over $1 million for the project from the OPM, after a visit by the Prime Minister last year.

Williams said the field will be tripled in size from its current 6,000 to 18,000 square metres.

“We want to move from a playground to an international track for both athletics and football. We have in our design an area for turf cricket. But that is not on the priority list right now. The pitch will be installed in a later date,” he said.

“We have a significant amount of work and we are doing that on the promise and assistance of some sponsors,” he said, noting that filling material was being supplied free of charge from the property of Manzo Ali.

“We also have sand that must be placed on the field as the final carpet, which will come from the Arnos Vale estate, under the kind courtesy of William Bronte, free of charge,” he added.

The synthetic track to be used on the field will be the first of its kind in Tobago and the second in the country, after the Marvin Lee multi-purpose stadium in Macoya, Trinidad.