Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell says the establishment of a Sandals Hotel in Tobago will bring the world to the island.

Mitchell made the statement in his contribution to the Debate on the 2019 National Budget in the House of Representatives this week.

A release from the Ministry said that Mitchell told legislators the proposed hotel, to be owned by citizens and operated by Sandals, will create benefits for the entire country. Drawing an analogy with Apple stores in international malls and Disney World in Orlando, he said that Sandals should similarly be seen as an anchor tenant, drawing significant interest to itself and consequently to the destination.

Mitchell stated that a Sandals Hotel in Tobago, "will increase exposure to the island and that exposure will encourage more hotels and tourism investors to invest in Tobago."

More jobs will be created and opportunities for goods and services will also increase, he added.

According to the Minister, the Sandals Hotel, which will have 500-750 high-quality rooms, is guaranteed to cause a significant stimulus to the economy of Tobago.

He said: “Visitors to the island of Tobago will certainly increase on account of the hotel's brand recognition and its quality and aggressive marketing strategies."

The Tourism Minister added that Sandals' presence will lead to improved standards and practices across the tourism sector. He cited competitor hotels as well as tour operators wishing to do business with Sandals as examples of entities that will have to upgrade the quality of their services and facilities.

Mitchell also said the construction of the new terminal at the ANR Robinson Airport, Crown Point, will complement the project and put the island on an equal footing with other Caribbean destinations.