On Sunday 18 November 2018, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) Vice President Diane Henderson will participate in her second Ironman (IM) Distance Triathlon. Henderson, the Human Resources IR Officer at Angostura Limited, will travel to Cozumel, Mexico to tackle the gruelling three part race covering a total distance of 140.6 miles.

The IM Cozumel is an endurance swimming, cycling and running event and forms part of the Ironman Series. The 2.4 mile swim begins at the island's Chankanaab Park with a point to point picturesque swim bordering Cozumel’s coral reef. Following the first gruelling challenge is a 112 mile cycle race on the roads around Cozumel, before finishing with a 26 mile run, encompassing the downtown centre of Cozumel.


Henderson, the Chairperson of the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon,  completed ‘The Great Floridian’ Full Distance Triathlon in 15 hours; 8 years ago in Clement, Florida. Demanding in nature, the Great Floridian is considered a tough course for even the best conditioned athlete with only about 60% of the participants finishing the race.

The Team TTO Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Chef de Mission, began training for IM Cozumel in January this year but had to take a break from her intense training schedule due to injuries and her role as Chef de Mission. However, the determined Henderson was able to resume training and believes she is fit enough to tackle IM Cozumel.

The Ironman Triathlon is described as one of the most difficult sporting events in the world. The Cascade resident, a long time fitness enthusiast says that doing the Ironman Distance Triathlon is a physical, mental and emotional test that requires an indomitable will, determination and perseverance.


“I enjoy the challenge! My goal for the IM Cozumel is simply to finish, but to do a faster time than the one I did 8 years ago”, said Henderson.

Although she considers herself a diehard Corkies Casuals member for over 30 years, Henderson joined the Slipstream Cycling Club at the beginning of 2018 in an effort to improve her cycling sector.

TTOC President Brian Lewis said, “we are supporting Diane (Henderson) all the way. Tackling the Ironman Distance is not for the faint hearted. All of us at the TTOC and her Executive Committee colleagues wish her well.”