Sharon Rowley, wife of Prime Minister, welcomed a diverse group of boys, girls, men and women to the Diplomatic Centre to celebrate International Women's Day.

Students from 13 schools in the Port of Spain were given the opportunity to interact with several notable young influencers, in keeping with this year's International Women's Day theme of Balance for Better.

Rowley extended International Women’s Day greetings on behalf of her Dr Keith Rowley, who is currently in California, USA, undergoing medical tests for a possible heart condition.

Rowley told those gathered that although the proverbial glass ceiling had been broken, everyone needed to be messengers of equality as there were many women who were impacted by gender inequality.

“All men, whether fathers, brothers or sons, must stand up for their sisters, mothers and friends. All men must be vocal in their quest for gender equality. I want you young men to be feminists, to have a belief in gender equality. I want all of you to attract more young people to this cause. Use your social media channels to spread the word. You are not (just) part of the conversation, you are part of the solution."

To the young women present, Rowley, who is an attorney, said: "It matters not where you come from, you can accomplish your dreams. Dream and dream big. You can be all that you can be even in the traditionally male-dominated professions. Don't let your gender bar your aspirations.”

Students had the opportunity to sit with influencers working in their specific areas of interest including sport, dance, fashion, communication and aviation.

Government Ministers at the event included Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister responsbible for gender and children affairs, Ayanna Webster-Roy, Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Education Minister Anthony Garcia and Sport Minister Shamfa Cudjoe.

Influencers included Olympian Cleopatra Borel and Rheeza Grant, Communications consultant Tenille Clarke, media personalities Kerron "Sunny Bling" Sealy, Rodell "Ro'dey" Cumberbatch and Hans Des Vignes, dancer Bridgette Wilson, designers Natalie Fonrose and Christian Boucaud, event planner Candace Guppy-Sobian, TV presenter Verna Bharath, beauty entrepreneur Katheryn Nurse, artist Shannon Hutchinson and rugby player Kwanieze John.