Sports Minister chastises ‘grown folks’ in sport.

MINISTER of Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe made a plea to “grown folks” to allow children in sport to be the centre of attention, by getting rid of all the egos and the drama behind the scenes.

Cudjoe was speaking when the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs held a Rewards, Recognition and Cheque Presentation ceremony for national athletes at the National Racquet Centre in Tacarigua, yesterday.

There are some egos, some attitudes in sport that you need to get out of the way for the sport to grow,” Cudjoe said.

Cudjoe encouraged officials in National Governing Bodies to resolve situations quickly. “Often times, you have some grown folks, some experienced folks who have their own problems and issues that could be easily squashed, but because of egos and inappropriate attitudes you start getting in the way of the development of the sport and the advancement of these children. It is not fair to them, get out of their way.”

Discussing elite athlete funding, Cudjoe said it is available but requests must be made in a timely manner. “I need to remind you athletes and NGBs – help me, help you. You have to apply for this funding. There is a process that has existed before I was at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. I just want to remind you to help me to help delivering your plans and your projections, your whole schedules on time. Don’t wait until you’ve qualified last week to then submit this week.”

Cudjoe said people involved in more popular sports need to refrain from submitting requests for financial assistance at the last minute because lesser known sports tend to submit their proposals on time.

The Sports Minister also said the transition between new and old presidents of National Governing Bodies needs to be a smooth one.

In addition, outgoing presidents and secretaries please inform new presidents and secretaries (of outstanding matters), because I have had presidents and secretaries come before me saying ‘well the person last year applied last year. I was not there I am here now, but we need the money next week.’ No, it does not work that way so help me, help you (because) when you do that you put us in a tight position.