Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) Day has been celebrated here at Pan American Games.

Members of CANOC met at the Westin Lima Hotel and Convention Center and celebrated the sporting legacy of the Caribbean region.

The occasion also doubled up as the CANOC General Assembly, with the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Sports Organisation elections on the agenda.

Panam Sports President Neven Ilic was in attendance at the meeting.

During his opening remarks, CANOC President Brian Lewis spoke of the importance of working together.

"It is with a sense of purpose that we commemorate this special day in the life and history of our still growing, evolving, learning, developing and maturing organisation," he said.

"There is much to ponder but it is also important to acknowledge with a significant amount of pride, respect and achievement the indomitable will with which, individually and collectively, we the members of CANOC continue to fight for our shared vision and mission.

"Our approach to CANOC reflects our passion, independence of thought, our diversity, our dedication and commitment.

"We always emerge with a stronger more resilient, credible and authentic CANOC.

"Unity is our strength and our strength is our unity.

"It is important during difficult, contentious and dysfunctional times we contemplate our shared authenticity, credibility and heritage.

"Individually and collectively we have a duty, obligation and responsibility to the children, youth and young people of this generation, the next generation and the generations yet unborn to envision a CANOC that is sustainable."

CANOC first met in Barbados 20 years ago.

Comprising 26 normal members and two associates, the organisation allows for formal communication and dialogue to enhance Olympism in the Caribbean.

Their latest meeting took place during the 2019 Pan American Games, which runs until August 11.

Around 6,700 athletes are currently competing in 39 sports.