The TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) has taken precautions to deal with the threat of the novel coronavirus (covid19).

In an interview with Newsday on Friday morning, TTOC president Brian Lewis outlined the initiatives which will be in effect for the next 30 days. He said TT having its first confirmed covid19 case makes the steps taken "appropriate and necessary."

Among the measures are: the cancellation of all meetings at the TTOC office; no TTOC-related travel; the suspension of consideration for athletes' request for travel funding for Olympic-related qualifiers; advising all affiliates to suspend non-essential travel; extra sanitisation of the TTOC office.

Lewis said he understands some Olympic qualifying events are still proceeding but he advised national sporting organisations to have a conversation with its continental governing body to address any concerns.

The TTOC boss said he has been following the International Olympic Committee (IOC) updates closely and remains optimistic the Tokyo 2020 Games will get under way from July 24 to August 9. The major sporting leagues around the world have been suspended because of the coronavirus including the NBA, NCAA, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, France Ligue 1 and tennis tournaments.

Lewis said he understands the approach being adopted by the IOC.

"IOC is guided by medical experts. The Olympic Games is three months down the road, one can appreciate why at this point IOC would be operating within those specific parameters. The real challenge is within next 30 days to six weeks," he said.

Lewis said the change in weather to the summer could augur well.

"All experts say by June-July the situation should be much more positive. We continue to focus on what we can control. The steps we have put in place as a short-term measure to protect staff are appropriate and necessary."