SIXTEEEN national athletes received a total of $915,625 from Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe, at the Ministry’s office in St Clair on April 27.

This funding was provided under the Rewards and Incentives Framework of the National Sport Policy. The programme was established in 2018 and since then $7,196,125 has been disbursed to the national athletes, who would have medalled at major regional and international competitions covered under the Ministry’s current policy. This figure includes all eligible awards from 2015.

“The Rewards and Incentives Programme provides an avenue for us to recognise our local sports icons and encourage our up-and-coming sports stars to go the full distance and keep reaching for the skies,” said Cudjoe.

In maintaining the social distancing guidelines, only four athletes were present to receive their cheques – Nicholas Paul, Kyle Greaux, Michael Alexander and Nyoshia Cain.

The 16 recipients included Jerod Elcock, Keston Bledman, Jereem Richards, Keshorn Walcott, Felice Chow, Dylan Carter, Deon Lendore, Teniel Campbell, Dwight St. Hillaire, Akanni Hislop, Akeem Stewart and Machel Cedenio.

Cudjoe encouraged the athletes to stay focused on their goals, as the world continues to fight the covid19 pandemic together. She also urged them to find creative ways to maintain their fitness levels, to train and to improve their skills.