SANTO DOMINGO.- The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO) approved, in the Extraordinary General Assembly, to change its name to CENTRO CARIBE SPORTS and to launch a new logo, within a strategy of renewal of the entity.

The president of the organization, Luis Mejía Oviedo (DOM), proclaimed to all member countries that "a new stage for Central American and Caribbean sports has begun."

The modification of CACSOS' identity to CENTRO CARIBE SPORTS eliminated the organization from having two names, one in English and the other in Spanish, and changed to a name that is understandable in any language.

It also brings with it a multicolored logo, which maintains the colors of all the flags of the countries and associated members that make up the body, based on the same theme as the Olympic rings, representing the integration of all in CENTRO CARIBE SPORTS.

The presentation of the new identity of the organization was made by Felipe Vicini (DOM) and Manuel Luna (DOM), president and member of the Marketing and Communications Commission of CENTRO CARIBE SPORTS, respectively.

“Since I decided to assume the presidency of this organization I have continued to assure everyone that my number one objective was the integration and union of all the members and the renewal of our organization towards a modern and avant-garde entity; today you are making history by approving this brand change to be able to re-launch Centro Caribe Sports ”, Mejia said after the initiative was approved.

The identity change was approved this Saturday, September 19, with the 37 countries and associate members present, during the Extraordinary General Assembly, through the ZOOM platform.

With the approval of this change, the Marketing and Communications Commission informed that it will begin to deploy the marketing strategy to bring Centro Caribe Sports closer to member countries, athletes and business brands in the region.



Communications from the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO)

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