The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) is partnering with the market network super app LUHU (Let Us Help U) to push sport in T&T towards digital transformation.


TTOC president Brian Lewis and LUHU co-founder Zwede Hewitt recently met to discuss the partnership. Hewitt told the Express he is excited about teaming up with the TTOC in the interest of local sport.

“LUHU aims to be a supporter of all stakeholders of sport. We can bring resources together in a manner that currently does not exist on the digital landscape. We would be able to tap into networks and build the community core values the TTOC represents. LUHU can also be used as an outreach tool for TTOC events, including the Olympic Games.

 “Through LUHU,” Hewitt continued, “fans can access sporting events and athletes would be empowered to leverage their personal brand. We’ll also solve problems for athletes, like travelling and receiving payment in different currencies.

They can be paid through LUHU. We’ll conglomerate all sports-related resources in a way that creates greater value and engagement for stakeholders.”

Hewitt is a former national athlete. He earned bronze as part of the T&T men’s 4x400 metres team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Hewitt’s history of success on the track made LUHU a very attractive option for the TTOC.

“Given that LUHU has a founder with a deep-rooted background in sport and who competed at the highest level,” Lewis explained, “there is trust and confidence that there’s a genuine interest to serve sport. LUHU is a great fit for the TTOC.”

T&T track stars Machel Cedenio and Jereem “The Dream” Richards are among the athletes who have thrown their support behind LUHU.

“I’m impressed with the direction to incorporate local athletes,” said Lewis. “As phenomenal as we perform on the field of play, we have not branded ourselves well.

This is a great opportunity to develop personal brands. The TTOC and LUHU can work together to help make athletes more marketable; to empower themselves to connect and reach fans in a more engaging manner.

“Corporate partners of the TTOC, fans, etcetera,” Lewis continued, “can connect through LUHU to sport and their athletes. Stakeholders can benefit from having a platform. Food, transport, accommodation providers are all stakeholders in sport. We have the example of Airbnb being a partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).”

Hewitt said LUHU is the ideal platform to generate funding for the three TTOC entities, Team TTO TV, Team TTO Media and Team TTO Marketing.

“I foresee LUHU being adopted by other Olympic Committees, especially the smaller ones without direct access to the IOC.

“The TTOC would like us to continue contributing to sport and injecting greater interest, especially at a time of Covid-19 when low levels of sporting activity have affected the industry. The TTOC is in full support of what we’re doing,” Hewitt ended. “We have their full blessing to impact sport in a positive manner.”

The official launch of LUHU is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021. The first version of the app is currently available at the Play Store and the App Store.