Years of tension and unease between 24-year-old Shaddai Simon and a female relative ended in bloodshed on Wednesday night, when Simon was stabbed to death at his Waterhole, Cocorite, home.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Friday, Simon's mother Petula Skeete emotionally recalled repeatedly telling her son to end contact with the relative.

"On more than one occasion I have given them warnings about this, and the last time I sat him down and told him, 'Shaddai, she is going to be the death of you, she is going to kill you, because it's not the first time and it won't be the last time.'

"She has stabbed him before, he has stab marks all over his body, in his head, his chest, his hand, all over where she stabbed him before."Her son did not cause her grief otherwise.

"The only problem he ever had was driving without a (driver's) licence. It's not to say he was always in trouble and I was accustomed visiting him in jail or anything."

Simon won gold medals in equestrian dressage (horseback riding) at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Skeete said Simon made her proud through his athletic achievements and she would remember him as a fun-loving young man who would place family first.

"He took me to the Hyatt for the prize-giving ceremony. He was so proud that day because he made this country proud. He travelled to London, New York and Greece.

"We know about trying with each other even when I have my last dollar."

Skeete said while it was too late for her son, she wanted men and women who were involved in abusive relationships, both in and out of their families, to find the courage to end contact with abusers and move on with their lives.

"Mothers, talk with your sons. My own (son) didn't get to make it. Walk away, whether it's man or woman. Walk away."

Simon's sister Shalan Clarke-Headley told Newsday she also tried to get her brother to stop speaking with the relative and described losing him as being like losing one of her own eyeballs.

Newsday understands the relative is in police custody.

The Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region 1 is continuing enquiries.