Anthony ‘Tony’ Ignatius Emmanuel Harford passed in his sleep early on Friday 3 rd December 2021 following months of challenges with his health.

Tony was not only a versed radio announcer as we are all aware, known for his smooth voice and expert master of ceremonies role. Tony was also a sporting enthusiast of great proportions, not only having played cricket in his junior years, but also was a one time marathoner when he completed the TTIM in 7hrs 45 secs in 2005 at the age of 51, which he was very proud of. As far as I could remember, Tony took a personal interest in the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon from the early days. In the 1980s and 90s he featured the TT Road Runners Club and other running clubs on his radio program promoting distance running, like the Tinactin 10K and encouraging the fraternity. It was through All Sport Promotions he produced video coverage of the T&T International Marathon (TTIM) on several occasions building its profile and making it what it was and is today, an international brand. In recent years Tony and the TT Marathon Committee (TTMC) partnered once again bringing it to the forefront of the minds of the running fraternity and securing sponsorships in support of its objectives.

Tony Harford was a pleasant and affable human being, his banter at any committee meeting always lightened the day making it easy for us to have productive and successful

Having known Tony from different arenas, I remember him conducting his charitable Bingo games helping many to raise funds for their cause and never charging for his services. In 1991, when I coordinated the opening ceremony of the Carifta Games hosted by the NAAA and held at the Hasley Crawford Stadium, the rain fell heavily and Tony would simply say to me “Diane, not to worry, breathe, everything would be fine”. From that day forward I always had faith that all would be well.

Tony will surely be missed in many circles as his versatility has shown. The TTIM 2022 will be held in his honor as we celebrate 40 years of the race’s existence. Condolences to his sister, Abbi De Souza, family, friends and associates and may he forever sleep in peace.

Chair TT Marathon Committee