Glen Sealy, a member of the Fatima College InterCol winning team of 1965, died on Monday at the age of 72 at Ville de Grange, France. He was the goalkeeper.

His death has been a painful blow to the members of his team, inclusive of former 'Strike Squad' coach of 1989 Everald 'Gally' Cummings with whom Sealy shared a close friendship, Frankie Mahabir, Roger Duprey, Roderick "Buffy" James, Glen Billouin and many others.

Cummings who could not hold back the tears on hearing of the passing of his personal friend who he considered as a brother for 55 years, said: "Monday 3rd January 2022 was one of the most painful days that I have experienced to date.

On that day my friend / brother passed away in Ville de Grange, France. A good morning greeting on What’s App, as was my usual daily ritual to Glen, turned out to be my last when his son Gregg replied saying his Dad had just passed away an hour ago from a massive heart attack after paramedics spent almost 40 minutes trying to revive him.

It was such a shocker that I had to confirm by returning the call immediately. After a brief conversation with Greg, my wife and I could not hold back the tears. Being the first to know, I then called Frankie Mahabir (our oldest brother from our 1965 Fatima College team) in New York to relay the sad news and so he could inform other team members with whom we remained in close contact."

Sealy's arrival between the goalpost for Fatima College was one of true determination, such was his love for the sport 'Gally' said, as he reminisced about their stay at the school as well as their on-the-field exploits.

" I first met Glen in 1965 at Fatima College. We were in the same class so we saw each other every day. He was very enthusiastic about football and loved goalkeeping. He would challenge me to one versus one games in the empty classroom using as much scrap paper that we could find to make footballs. I would shoot on the volley while he practiced his reflexes. We continued during break time on the school compound, using whatever was available to kick.

And then we went to 1st Eleven training on Fatima’s football field after school at 4 pm. We continued training on our own whenever we had the time.

His first opportunity to play in an intercol final came as a substitute goalkeeper in a game against QRC and he solidified that position in the remaining games against QRC in the semifinal and St Mary's College in the finals. We went on to win the intercol final against St Mary’s in 1965 for the first time in our school's history after a 14 year hiatus."

Cummings, considered one of this country's best-ever football players, has sent condolences to Sealy's wife Marie, sons Greg, Gary, Ryan and Jason, his grandchildren, his brother Gene, his uncle Frank and all members of the victorious 1965 Fatima College intercol champion team.