Be part of the TTIM 40TH Edition and achieve your fitness goals with the second TTIM VR virtual races.

Run your chosen distance over three weeks, choose a scenic route and receive your 2022 40TH Edition VR race medal OR complete more than one to receive all three. Each race must be run all at one time or in one go and recorded on one timing device. These events are to be completed on foot by running, walking or hiking.

42.2km / 26.2 miles

2022 Virtual Marathon

TTIM VR Half Marathon

21km / 13.1 miles

2022 Virtual Half


5km / 3.1 miles

2022 Virtual 5K


TTIM VR Half and Marathon

TTIM VR Marathon and 5K

TTIM VR Half and 5K


How do I complete the distance? Can I run on a treadmill, swim, cycle or row?

To achieve your event you are required to run, hike or walk on any type of surface be it asphalt or trail, however all other types of distance based exercises are excluded.

Can I complete the distance over a few days?

Each race must be completed at one time, i.e. in one go, and uploaded to the portal.

How do I track my run?

You can track your run through any device which can track the distance you ran, i.e. Garmin, Fitbit, Apple watch or any APP on your phone, ASICS Runkeeper, Strava, Adidas, Map My run and many more. Do a practice run if it is your first time using the app. All of these will be able to display your run details and you can take a scan or upload a file or printscreen of your run to the race roster portal. This is mandatory to obtain your medal!

How do I upload my results?

On the TTIM 2022 40th Edition VR Races registration portal, look for the Results tab, confirm your registration and then upload your timed result by clicking the View/Submit Results button.

You must complete this task in order to receive a medal. Results should be uploaded immediately or within two days of the completion of your event and must display the runners name and time, as well as show you have covered the distance of the event registered for.

What’s included in the race registration?

Your 2022 TTIM 40th Edition VR race medal, race certificate, digital medal, race admin/ set up, choice of race distances, option to purchase a 40th Edition logo tee, to contribute to charity, easy results app., an opportunity to join this virtual running community and achieve your goals, however do note that there are no prizes or place awards.

I’m excited to received my medal. How would medals be distributed?

Race medals will be distributed following the final race day which is January 29, 2022. These will be available from assigned locations and can be collected. Medals will be mailed/shipped for persons outside of Trinidad. More details will follow via the email you provided during registration.

I would like to do the VR Half Marathon and the VR 5K. Can I register for more than one race?

Yes, you can choose to run any combination of two events, or all three races to collect each of the three medals. You can use one of the three bundles available i.e. VR Marathon / VR Half M or VR Half M / VR 5K, or VR Marathon / VR 5K to get a discount and not have to register individually for each one.

When can I complete the race(s)?

The race window runs for three (3) weeks from January 9, 2022 and ends on January 29, 2022, you can run your races any time up to the last day but no later than 11:59 pm on January 29, 2022.

After registering for a bundle, Do I receive two medals when I complete both races?

Yes, when you register for any of the three bundles, you must run each race separately in order to receive each race medal, one for each race. This is only confirmed after your results for each race are uploaded to the registration portal results tab as directed above.