Considered the world’s greatest upcycle project, thus far – from discarded 55” oil barrels to the most sophisticated, mesmerizing, globally-targeted instrument – it’s indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and called Steelpan/Pan/Oil drum.

Everyone, young and old, who is aligned in any way with the instrument, except to disrespect it, should take a bow!

In 1985, when T&T calypsonian Merchant sang in his calypso, Pan in Danger, “But to make a steelpan sound like an organ…, why must there be so many barriers…, uncle Spree (inventor of the instrument), it ‘ain’t easy…pan in danger,” unfortunately, he died 14 years after, never realising that pan was not actually in danger.

Pan's history, development, innovation and innovators are well-documented. The only percussion instrument invented in the 20th century, joining the idiophone family. Within the Hornbostel-Sachs...

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