HUNDREDS of children will have the chance to hone their skills in track and field, football, cricket and other sports on December 9, at the Michelle-Lee Ahye Coaching and Family Day, which will be held at the Defence Force Headquarters on Airways Road, Chaguaramas.

The event, hosted by Commonwealth gold medallist Ahye and organised by the TT Athletes’ Foundation, will give children personal time with qualified coaches from the National Association of Athletics Administrations. There will also be football and cricket coaches present to conduct to sessions with participants.

The first 200 children will be registered for the all-inclusive package including free coaching in various sports, as well as snacks and lunch. All children attending will benefit from coaching.

Afeisha Wright of the TT Athletes’ Foundation told Newsday each sporting group will have between 60-90 minutes to interact with the children. There will be a final segment where children can show off what they learned for the day.

The event is part of Ahye’s drive to help younger athletes.

“She (Ahye) said one of her major requirements is to help junior athletes and younger athletes that are coming up throughout TT. Instead of doing the normal thing, which is donating equipment or money, Ahye as well as the TT Athletes Foundation decided to help the overall kids of TT in the form of coaching and getting them more heavily involved in sports,” Wright said.

She explained this event is one of many Ahye has been a part of which encourages youth to get into sports.

Wright has Ahye has collaborated in a Physical Education (PE) programme that was intended to assist primary school students.

She said the programme was launched in four different schools in September and was developed by PE teachers, athletes and the TT Athletes’ Foundation.

“Besides PE, you give them a hero day (and) other incentives. We do talent assessment and put them with different national coaches; what we will try to do is get at least two (more) schools in September (2019) to have the product grow into what we think would become a national activity.” Wright said.