Keshorn Walcott made a victorious return to the 2022 competitive circuit when he won men’s javelin gold at the Yellow Jacket Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia, US on Friday.

Walcott launched the spear 84.68 metres to easily hold off silver medallist Curtis Thompson (76.68m) and bronze receiver Ethan Shalaway (75.06m). Janek Oiglane (67.04m) and Matt Cahoon (66.57m) rounded off the top five finishers.

This was Walcott’s first meet since his third appearance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year.

Walcott does not usually compete so early into the season. But in an effort to get an early start on another hectic competitive year, he adjusted his training regime to feature at a couple early meets in the western hemisphere before he heads off to the face the European top-flight.