JAMILYA Muhammad, former general secretary of the TT WoLF (Trinidad and Tobago Women’s League Football), died on Monday morning, after ailing for some time.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the TT Football Association (TTFA) wrote, “Jamilya will be greatly missed but her warmth, kindness and gentle spirit will be remembered forever.”

The TT WoLF, also on its Facebook page, mentioned, “She worked countless hours and made many contributions to football throughout TT, and was instrumental in moving TT WoLF forward in numerous ways.”

This news has come at a tough time for the TT WoLF fraternity, as former secretary Claire George died of cancer in March, while former president Susan Joseph-Warrick suffered a stroke in April.

Muhammad, who graduated with a diploma in sports management from the UWI/FIFA/CIES programme, was a member of the TT Fire Service. She also served as a TTFA volunteer and a member of the Chips Sports and Cultural Club and Royalty Basketball Academy.

Former TT WoLF president Sharon O’Brien said on Monday, “Jamilya was like a sister to me. We played netball together and then were involved in football together. She was the general secretary when I was the president. It’s a great loss to the community, as a sister and a friend.”

Asked what memory of Muhammad stood out for her, O’Brien replied, “Her steadfast, strong personality. Her drive towards excellence, she was always a stickler for that. She was a person that, when you see her doing something, she wanted it at (its) best. That is how she was always.

“When we were liming, (she was) fun to be around. She always had a serious face, but it doesn’t tell of her demeanour.”

Joel Warrick, speaking on behalf of his wife Sharon, mentioned, “Jamilya, Mrs Warrick and Claire (George) were the heavyweights in the women's football. Claire would do the day-to-day running of the fixtures etcetera. Jamilya and Mrs Warrick would be doing all the behind-the-scenes things with sponsors, all the (business with the) TTFA.

“Mrs Warrick has been in contact with her, up till about two or three days ago. She was sounding in good spirits but, whatever ailment she had, it was like the writing was on the wall. She was hanging on.

“We're sorry that she had to go so soon,” he added. “Mrs Warrick was in tears when I told her. They were really close.”

Source: https://newsday.co.tt