National beach volleyball. players, Fabien Whitfield, and. European-based senior professional,. Sinead Jack, have been selected. as the Trinidad and Tobago. Volleyball Federation’s (TT VF). Male and Female Athletes of the. Year.

Daymian Stewart, president of. TTVF, admitted that it was difficult. to choose the 2015 Sportsman. of the Year after the performances. of the Toco boys Whitfield and. Daniel Williams over the past 12. months. “Having to choose one. from a two-man team was indeed. a challenge,” said Stewart. “But the. choice of Fabien Whitfield was. made with the final decider being. the FIVB individual ranking which. placed Whitfield as volleyball’s. 2012 Sportsman Nominee as the. 113th best beach volleyball player. on the planet with his partner. Daniel Williams the 2013 Sports. Man Nominee at 117th.”. For the preceding year, the pair. has also raked in several podium. finishes on the regional competitive. circuit and also copped the. ‘Team of the Year’ accolade from. the TTVF. According to Stewart:. “If evaluated fairly, (they) should. be the country’s team of the year. as well.”. The Toco boys finished the 2015. season ranked a phenomenal third. among the 41 nations of North,. Central American and the Caribbean,. finishing behind USA and. Canada.

TT played on all seven legs of the. tour with two bronze in USA and. St Lucia respectively and placed. fourth in Cuba. Williams/Whitfield. also clinched gold in the California. Open earlier this year which. added to a previous silver earned. weeks before on the US circuit.

They later lost in the quarter-finals. of the Pan American Games to the. eventual winners and arch-rivals. Mexico. They also won the first. round of the Olympic Qualification. process hosted in Trinidad.

Meanwhile, Jack was adjudged. as the best female for 2015 for her. success with her club - Uralochka-. NTMK EKATERINBURG - in. Russia.

Jack and her club made it all. the way to the finals of the European. Champions League with the. 23-year-old, 6”7” southerner playing. a major role. Jack also journeyed. to Mexico to represent TT. at the Continental Championship. as the TTVF started the rebuilding. process for our senior team.

Additionally, Libero Marley Davidson,. and national youth and. junior captain Nicolette Demille. captured the Youth Male and Female. Athletes of the Year titles.