The Central American and Caribbean Games team led by Annette Knott Chef de Mission can boast as being one of the strongest female contingents to participate in a multi sport Games representing the red, white and black
With 97 Female athletes from a contingent of 200 Athletes and a number of female officials on both the medical team and technical staff these Games will feel the full power of the T & T Women.
The female athletes include the Soca Princesses who will leave Ecuador on what we hope will be a successful journey to travel to the CAC games to revenge their defeat with Mexico.
Women will be represented in Five team sports, Football, Rugby ,Hockey,Volleyball both Indoor and Beach and Basketball.
Our medal prospects are boosted by the participation of Cleopatra Borel who will defend her CAC title along with Ayanna Alexander who also won Gold in CAC in 2010.

There are a few first in the young female members of the team, with open water swimming being represented for the first time by the two young David sisters, Syriah and Sania. Kelly Ann Arriandale is the first female sailor to compete at the CAC Games.

In the Team Sports Women's Hockey will also defend their title .

Mrs Knott who has arrived in Veracruz ahead of the team is optimistic that the women will produce their best at the Games that will inspire the team to have the best performances in 2014.  We must believe and have faith in our Athletes.








Chef de Mission

Annette Knott

Assistant to CDM

Wendell Labastide

Administrative Assistant

Lovie Santana

Press Personnel

Allan Crane





Dr Ramsawak


Dr Khan


Karielle De bique


Kern Roberts


Verne Alleyne


Kemba London


June Durham


Brent Elder


Kevin Macintyre


Derek Ashby


Nicole Fuentes


Zeph Nicholas

Athletics  11 AT  /6 AO

Manager - 1

George Comissiong

17 Total

Coaches - 5

Wade Franklyn


Gerard Franklyn


Ismael Lopez



Michelle Pennie


Paul Voisin

Athletes - 11

Emmanuel Callendar


Kyle Greaux


Kendis Bullard


Jamal James


Mikel Thomas


Quincy Wilson


Akeem Stewart


Tonya Nero


Josanne Lucas


Ayanna Alexannder


Cleopatra Borel

Archery              6 AT/2AO

Manager - 1

Gregory Quesnel


Coach - 1

Colvin Chin

Athletes - 6

George  Vire


Hasmath Ali


Amrit Siew


Neela Cezair


Jean-Luc Espinet


Sonia Thompson

Aquatics   10AT/2AO



Total 12

Coach - 1

Paul Newallo

Athletes - 6

George Bovell


Joshua McLeod

Pool swim


Abraham McLeod


David McLeod


Kristin Julien


Cherelle Thompson

Open water Swim

Coach –  1

Hazel Haynes

Athletes - 4

Christian Marsden


Sachin Sankar


Syriah David


Shania David

Water polo 12AT/2AO

Manager - 1

Marsha Bhawanie

Total 14

Coach - 1

Andrew Francis

Athletes - 12

Gregory Joseph


Daniel Alvarez


Justin Bodden


Matthew George


Jake Gillette


Kieron Emmanuel


Russell Ferreira


Christopher Forte


Alec Chin Lee


John Littlepage


Daniel Abraham


Ryan West

Badminton 6AT/2AO

Manager – 1

Ronald Clarke

Total 8

Coach - 1

Solangel Guzman

Athletes - 6

Nekeisha Blake


Jada Renales


Kerwyn Pantin


Will Lee


Kerian Quan Chee


Alistair Espinoza

Basketball 12AT /4AO

Manager - 1

Arnold Thomas


Coaches - 2

Christopher Jackson Charles


Clair Mitchell (Official)


Shawn Ryan

Athletes - 12

Rhea Codio


Jowan Ortega


Jellene Richardson


Kielle Connelly


Alicia Cumberbatch


Samantha Wallace


Doursiel Moore


Trecha  Jackson-Kennedy


Patrice Edwards


Allison Young


Aneicia Baptiste


Afeisha Noel

Boxing  5AT/2AO


Reynold cox

Total 7


Floyd Trumpet

Athletes - 5

Anthony Joseph


Michael Alexander


Stephen Charles


Aaron Prince


Andrew Fermin



Canoe/Kayak 4AT/1AO

Coach - 1

Merryl See Tai


Athletes - 4

Satyam Maharaj


Sherlon Pierre


Matthew Robinson


Keian Huggins

Cycling 5AT/3AO


Joel Browne

Total 8


Desmond Dickie


Kevin Tinto


Quincy Alexander


Kwesi Browne


Jude Codrington


Emile Abraham


Varun Maharajh


Arin King


Tasha St Louis


Maylee Attin Johnson


Afiyah Matthias


Kennya Cordner


Annalis Cummings


Gymnastics 2AT/2AO

Coaches -2

Benjamin Kenetelsen



Clifton Mc Dowell

Athletes - 2

William Albert


Thema Williams

Hockey  32AT/8A)

Managers - 2

Christabella George-Ford



Cindy Martin-Faustin


Coach - 1

Raphael Govia

IT/Videographer - 1

Nicholas Baldeosingh

Athletes -16

Darren Cowie


Solomon Eccles


Shaquille Daniel


Mickell Pierre


Akim Toussaint


Kwandwayne Browne


Dwain Quan Chan


Dillet Glikes


Jordan Reynos


Aidan De Gannes


Kiel Murray


Stefan Mouttet


Tariq Marcano


Michael O’Connor


Andrey Rocke


Marcus James


Managers - 1

Valisha Sylvester

Coach - 2

Anthony Marcano


Stacey Siu Butt

IT/Videographer - 1

Natalie Nieves

Athletes -

Alanna Lewis


Avion Ashton


Brianna Govia


Dana-Lee De Gannes


Kayla Brathwaite


Patricia Wright-Alexis


Petal Derry


Amie Olton


Elise Olton


Krizia Layne


Sekayi Liburd


Kristin Thopson


Tamia Roach


Oire Trotman


Blair Wyne

Judo 5AT/2AO

Manager – 1

Joel Bernard

Coach - 1

Jesus Chavez Ramirez

Athletes - 5

Christopher George


Devon Brito


Jelanie Boyce


Sean Lawrence


Khaliqa Mohammed

Rugby 24AT/6AT

Officials -6

Curtis Nero


Larry Mendez


Dale Trotman


Athletes – 12

Agboola Silverthorn



Darrel Scott




Shakir Flemming



Rowell Gordon


Aasan Lewis


Joseph Quashie



Keishon Walker



Christopher Hudson



Jesse  Richards


James Phillip



Anthony Forde



David Gokool



Team Coach

Ebony Young


Carlton Felix


Jenilee Limada

Athletes - 12

Akelar George



Sara Griffith



Kerchelle Hinkson



Dalia Jordan-Brown



Marika Mendez



Vanicia Mootoo



Nicolette Pantor



La Shaun Sandy



Ayana Skeete




Kathleen Stephen



Blossom Stewart



Kanisha Vincen


Manager - 1

Kairon Serrette

Chaperone - 1

Jennifer Arrindell

Athletes - 2

Andrew Lewis


Kelly-Ann Arrindell


Manager - 1

Carl Tang

Athletes - 4

Roger Daniel


Rhodney Allen


Clement Marshall


Marlon Moses


Manager/Coach - 1

Ryan Jagerssar

Athletes  - 3

Colin Ramasra


Kale Wilson


Nku Patrick

Table Tennis

Manager/Coach - 1

Reeza Burke

Athletes - 6

Dexter St. Louis


Curtis Humphreys


Aaron Wilson


Rheann Chung


Ashley Quashie


Catherine Spicer


Coach - 1

Cheryl Sankar

Athletes - 2

Lenn Hypolite


Dorian Alexander





Manager - 1

Colin Charles

Coach - 1

David Thomas

Athletes -4

Daneil Williams


Fabien Whitfield


Nancy Joseph


Ayanna Dyette

Women Indoor

Manager - 1

Peer Nasseir

Coaches - 2

Nicholson Drakes


Macsood Ali

Athletes - 12

Jalicia Ross-Kydd


Channon Thompson


Kelly Anne Billingy


Sinead Jack


Marisha Herbert


Darlene Ramdin


Rheeza Grant


Courtnee Mae Clifford


Makila York


Sakile Grannum


Maya Roberts


Kaylon Cruickshank

Men Indoor

Manager- 1

Lyndon Simmons

Coaches -2

Gideon Dickson


David Camacho

Statistician - 1

Arthur Robinson

Athletes - 12

Kevin Nimrod


Ryan Mahadeo


Nolan Tash


Darnel David


Sean Miguel Morrison


Simon Blake


Ryan Stewart


Joshua Mohammed


Kwesi Daniel


Brandon Legall


Colin Bernard


Saleem Ali


Admin:                                 4


Medical:                               12


Athletes:                             197


Managers/Coaches:       59


Total:                                    272