The Central American and Caribbean Games have been an integral part of my development as a shot putter. During my early career CAC Games medals were not guaranteed, as I came up against a crew, of world class Cuban throwers. However, these epic battles prepared me for the world stage. I can recall being extremely proud and excited to medal at my first CAC Games in Cartagena Columbia. At this meet I had to better the Olympic standard to medal due to the intense nature of the competition. At the Puerto Rico 2010 Games I also had to produce a big effort to walk away with the win. This year I am excited for the CAC Games, to represent T&T and hopefully inspire the next generation of female throwers.

While the CAC region is not predominantly know for producing female athletes in the throwing events, I believe that there is a lot of untapped talent in the region. I almost missed my calling, and did not really start throwing seriously until I was 18 years old. I came from the small village of Mayaro, where opportunities to throw were scarce. I did not get my chance until I migrated for College, and walked on to the Track and Field Team at Coppin State College. I had no throwing experience, but my collegiate coaches Gorden Rackley and Brian King molded me into a NCAA National Champion. As a result of my NCAA win I was encouraged to train for the 2004 Olympic Games. I moved from the lively urban setting of Baltimore, Maryland to the rural and tranquil town of Blacksburg, Virgina to work with Coach Gregory Jack. Coach Jack not only assisted me in achieving the Olympic Standard, but he accompanied me to my first CAC Games. The Games were very important to us, because as I mentioned earlier my competitors were fierce. At this time I was the only female shot putter from T&T, but I was in the company of our amazing hammer thrower Candice Scott. Together we brought some serious “girl power” to the team. Candice and I pushed each other, expecting only the best. With tons of hard work by my second CAC Games in Puerto Rico I knew I could throw over 19m and possibly win.

I am quite proud of my accomplishments at the last CAC Games, I was coaching myself at the time, and I was ready to throw far. Two thousand and ten was one of my best Track and Field seasons. The CAC Games were also very successful for Team T&T. I remember the team atmosphere being positive, and the medals coming in on a daily basis. I worked extremely hard to prepare for the 2010 Games, but it can not compare to the body of work my coach, Ismael Lopez Mastrapa and I have put in this year. Coach did not take it easy on me as we prep for the final meet of the year. As I look back on my many years as a competitor the CAC level it has never been easy. There has always been something or someone to push me to a new level. Mastrapa and I are aware that this meet falls well outside track season, but as always the CAC Games will be crucial to my success.